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Why Kurt Shafer?

I am a Certified Master Home Inspector who got my property inspector license in Nevada in 2004.  You might know that California does not license inspectors. Nevada had a rigorous procedure one must follow to be licensed. First, I was required to work with a Nevada Certified Master Inspector on 25 home inspections and have that inspector sign off proof of my attending those inspections. Then I was required to get trained by one of the schools approved by the Nevada state licensing board. I then had to take the Nevada state licensing board test in a test facility in Las Vegas and pass it. I completed all these requirements in July of 2004 and was officially licensed by Nevada.  I started inspections there but decided to concentrate on building my business in Palos Verdes where I lived at the time. I now live in beautiful Temecula – the wine country paradise of Southern California. I regularly travel to Palos Verdes and Manhattan Beach to visit family with my wife Darlene, whom I married in 1974. We have two very successful children, Ryan and Kimberley. You can see them here

I have been a member of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (iNACHI) for over a decade. 


I am an expert in mid century modern homes after inspecting several through the years.

Another reason I am an expert is that in 2016 I invented the first high flow rooftop mounted whole house fan for homes with no attics. You can see it here –

Here is the MCM home that has the first Thorwaldson rooftop ever installed – 

MCM homes (as they have come to be known) are unique in that most have no attics  and if they do the attic is in the center of the home so that exterior rooms can all have vaulted ceilings. And most of them have concrete slab floors but some built on hillsides might have raised floors with a crawl space. They were conceived in the 1950s as a way to make homes affordable for returning military after World War II. 

One of the most delightful MCM homes I have inspected is this one – I took this picture in June 2019. 

Two of the most famous builders were Joe Eichler and “Flat Roof” Smith. Others included Cliff May,  Streng Bros. and Palmer & Krisel.